Shy No More

“I was always labeled as “she’s the shy one” by my siblings and family.  My older relatives always wanted to “help me because I was the quiet one.”  Well, after all these years of living on my own, they still see me as the meek and apprehensive child.  I have grown and learned so many new things, and now I want to bust out of their old labels.  How do I do it? “– Shy about it
Dear Shy — Labeling personality traits is very common — “he’s the life of the party” or “her desk is a mess, but she always gets things done”.  It’s almost like everyone is wearing a name tag of sorts.  But the good news is that YOU have the power to take that name tag off at any time.  How do you do that?  By considering the ways that you can change the behavior.  If you had a shy name tag, do something that shows you have stripped that tag off!  Host a party, coordinate a gathering of family, reach out and make real phone calls rather than social media posts.  And keep it up!  It will take time for them to see that you have shed that old identity.